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Tetum (tet)



English name Tetum
Native name Tetun
SIL code tet
Alternative names belo, belu, belu north, belu northern, belu selatan, belu south, belu southern, belu tetun, belu utara, dili tetun, eastern tetun, fehan, fehan lia, feto tasi, foho, foho lia, hill tetun, lakluta, loos tetun, los tetun, mane tasi, natarbora, northern tetun, plain tetun, plains tetun, soibada, south tetun, southern tetun, terik tetun, teto, tettum, tetu, tetum, tetun, tetun therik, tetundili, tetung
Speakers L1: 463,500 (ethnologue)
Country Indonesia
Region South-Eastern Asia
Champion N/A
ISO scope I
ISO type L
ISO active yes
Integrated code tet_____________A
Last updated Feb. 1, 2017, 3:36 p.m.


EGIDS (Ethnologue) 5
In no
Vitality (Kornai, 2013) borderline

Language packs

Windows10 input method no
Mac input no
Ubuntu input no
Windows language pack no
Mac language pack no
Ubuntu language pack no
Firefox language pack no
Firefox dictionary no
Office language pack no
Office interface pack no


Has Wikipedia yes
Wikipedia articles 1,390
Wikipedia real articles 129
Wikipedia adjusted size 1,433,245
Wikipedia total 3,388
Wikipedia edits 61,767
Wikipedia admins 1
Wikipedia users 5,294
Wikipedia active users 10
Wikipedia images 0
Wikipedia depth 38
Has Wikipedia Incubator no

NLP tools

Hunspell status yes
Hunspell coverage 0.7
TreeTagger no

Open Language Archives Community

Primary texts online 10
Primary texts all 10
Lexical resources online 2
Lexical resources all 3
Language descriptions online 6
Language descriptions all 7
Language in online resource 17
Language in any resource 17
Online resource about the language 53
Any resource about the language 56


Source Crubadan
Number of documents 280
Number of words 673,581
Number of characters None
Has FLOSS spell checkers yes
In Watchtower yes
Has UDHR translation yes

Indigenous Tweets project

Number of blogs None
Number of posts None
Number of words None
Number of users 31
Number of tweets 13,554

Swadesh lists

Has Swadesh 110 no
Has Swadesh 207 no

Other databases

Panlex translations 17,484
In WALS no
In Omniglot yes
On yes
Uriel features 254
In Leipzig Corpora yes
In SIREN project no