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Jiarong (jya)



English name Jiarong
Native name
SIL code jya
Alternative names a bola maerkang rgyalrong, a caodeng maerkang rgyalrong, a japhug maerkang rgyalrong shaerzong, aba kehe rgyalrong shuiricun, aba menggucun rgyalrong rongan, b bola maerkang rgyalrong, b caodeng maerkang rgyalrong, b japhug maerkang rgyalrong shaerzong, badi danba ganzi munashan rgyalrong, badi danba ganzi qiongshan rgyalrong, badi danba ganzi rgyalrong, baiwan maerkang muerji rgyalrong, bajiao rgyalrong xiaojin, banshanmen danba ganzi rgyalrong, baoxing duoguozu leilecun qiaoqi rgyalrong, baoxing qiaoqi rgyalrong yuojie, bawang danba ganzi rgyalrong, benzhen maerkang rgyalrong yingbolo, bianer danba ganzi rgyalrong, bola c maerkang rgyalrong, caodeng, caodeng rgyalrong, cengda jinchuan rgyalrong, central jiarong, chabao, chiarong, cogtse gyarong, danba dandong ganzi rgyalrong, danba dasang ganzi rgyalrong, danba ganzi jiaju niega rgyalrong, danba ganzi rgyalrong taipingqiao, dangba geerda maerkang rgyalrong, daofu ganzi jiasikong kharjiacun rgyalrong, daofu ganzi kongse rgyalrong xiaoguoqiaocun, daofu ganzi rgyalrong xianshuizhen, dawei rgyalrong xiaojin, dazang, dazang maerkang rgyalrong, dusong jinchuan rgyalrong, eastern jiarong, eastern rgyalrong, erguowucun rangtang rgyalrong shili, erkai jinchuan rgyalrong, fubian rgyalrong xiaojin, gala queyu rgyalrong, ganbao lixian rgyalrong, ganzi geletuo naoluocun rgyalrong seda, genza jinchuan manai rgyalrong, guaninqiao jinchuan rgyalrong wobzi, guergou lixian rgyalrong, gyarong, gyarongcogtse, gyarung, hanniu rgyalrong xiaojin, hedong jinchuan rgyalrong, heishui luhua rgyalrong, heishui muchang rgyalrong shashiduo, heishui rgyalrong shashiduo, hongyuan jiadang rangkou rgyalrong, hongyuan rgyalrong selong shuajinsi, jarong, jiabi lixian rgyalrong, jiamizhai lixian rgyalrong xuecheng, jiamuzu konglong maerkang rgyalrong, jiarong, jiarong northeastern, jiarong northern, jiarong northwestern, jiarong western, jiesi rgyalrong xiaojin, jimu jinchuan rgyalrong zhouchan, jinchuan kalajiao rgyalrong, jinchuan maerbang rgyalrong, jinchuan maori maori rgyalrong, jinchuan rgyalrong sawajiao, jinchuan rgyalrong taiyanghe, jinchuan rgyalrong wanlin xilizhai, jyarung, kangshan maerkang rgyalrong, kechun lixian rgyalrong xinglong, keru, lixian miyalo rgyalrong, lixian putou rgyalrong, lixian rajipu rgyalrong shangmeng, lixian rgyalrong xiameng xiaogoucun, longerjia maerkang rgyalrong, maerkang rgyalrong, maerkang rgyalrong ribu, maerkang rgyalrong seermi soman, maerkang rgyalrong soman, maerkang rgyalrong songgang zhibo, maerkang rgyalrong xisuo zhuokeji, mupo rgyalrong xiaojin, northern rgyalrong, nw rgyalrong, puxi rangtang rgyalrong siyaowucun, puxicun rangtang rgyalrong, rangtang rgyalrong zongke, rgbenzhen, rgyalrong, rgyalrong rilong xiaojin, rgyalrong tsuta, rgyalrong xiaojin xingge, rgyalrong xiaojin zhailong, rgyalrongcaodeng, rgyarong, shili, sidaba, situ
Speakers L1: 83,000 (ethnologue)
Country China
Region Eastern Asia
Champion N/A
ISO scope I
ISO type L
ISO active yes
Integrated code jya_____________A
Last updated Feb. 1, 2017, 3:36 p.m.


EGIDS (Ethnologue) 6a
In no
Vitality (Kornai, 2013) dead

Language packs

Windows10 input method no
Mac input no
Ubuntu input no
Windows language pack no
Mac language pack no
Ubuntu language pack no
Firefox language pack no
Firefox dictionary no
Office language pack no
Office interface pack no


Has Wikipedia no
Has Wikipedia Incubator no

NLP tools

Hunspell status
Hunspell coverage None
TreeTagger no

Open Language Archives Community

Primary texts online 408
Primary texts all 408
Lexical resources online None
Lexical resources all None
Language descriptions online 6
Language descriptions all 6
Language in online resource None
Language in any resource None
Online resource about the language 10
Any resource about the language 10


Source Crubadan
Number of documents None
Number of words None
Number of characters None
Has FLOSS spell checkers no
In Watchtower no
Has UDHR translation no

Indigenous Tweets project

Number of blogs None
Number of posts None
Number of words None
Number of users None
Number of tweets None

Swadesh lists

Has Swadesh 110 yes
Has Swadesh 207 yes

Other databases

Panlex translations 289,267
In WALS no
In Omniglot no
On no
Uriel features 218
In Leipzig Corpora no
In SIREN project no