BME HLT | languages, senses, and arguments

languages, senses, and arguments

2017 - 2017
  • Verb constructions, argument frames, verbal roles

    • Mazsola
      • semantic classification of arguments (+ out-lier detection)
    • Tádé
    • biclustering preverbs and cases/postpositions, generalization among languages
  • cross-lingual word-sense induction

    • Multiwsi
    • ambiguous vs unambiguous words in word2vec variants vs dictionaries
      • Medium-frequency words are interesting (not as common/empty as the make and not so rare/professional as carbon dioxide)
    • Translation from multi-sense embeddings: translation of different senses should be different
    • loosely related: polysemy graphs and the universal structure of lexical semantics (Youn et al 2016)
  • Embedding decomposition

Project leader