SZTAKI HLT | Teaching


Computational Lexical Semantics 2. 2018/2019 fall ELTE
Vector space models of word meaning 2017/2018 spring ELTE
Natural Language Processing 2017/2018 spring BME
Python for Beginners 2017/2018 spring CEU
Computational Lexical Semantics -- Symbolic Representations 2017/2018 fall ELTE
Introduction to Python and Human Language Technologies 2017/2018 fall BME
Text Analysis Across Disciplines: Text Mining Boot Camp 2017/2018 fall CEU
Programming 2016/2017 fall BME
Meaning representation 2015/2016 fall ELTE
Digital language description 2014/2015 spring ELTE
Efficient methods in language description 2014/2015 fall ELTE
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 2011/2012 spring BME
Introduction to programming 2011/2012 fall ELTE
Semantics 2011/2012 fall BME
Semantics 2010/2011 spring BME
Mathematical linguistics 2006/2007 fall BME