SZTAKI HLT | Foundations of non-compositional semantics

Foundations of non-compositional semantics

András Kornai
May 18, 2020, 10:00



Over the past year 4lang has undergone a significant change: the linking of semantics to automata-theoretic devices is deprecated, and a new link to word vectors is being built. This makes it possible to describe in familiar linear algebraic terms the answers to some intriguing questions: what is the meaning of be `sum’? What is the meaning of deverbal -er ‘-tor/trix’ and how does it differ from the meaning of comparative -er ‘-ior/ius’? What is the meaning of the accusative morpheme, especially in opposition to the nominative? The theory also offers a derivation of the parallelogram rule of Mikolov (2013) whereby Apple is to Microsoft as Steve Jobs is to?